Tooth Coloured Fillings

At our dental clinic in punawale, all restorative treatments that restore the normal structure of your teeth, such as composite dental cavities, ceramic dental crowns and bridges, fixed and removable teeth, root canal treatments are performed by an experienced dentist. We understand the treatment needs of patients and offer treatment plans for tooth decay treatment accordingly.We do not compromise on the quality of the dental material and make the best use of the materials available to fill the tooth cavity and therefore we guarantee long lasting durability which is aesthetic as well as efficient. Our dentist will not only restore your teeth but also provide guidance on dental care during and after the treatment.

Tooth Coloured Restorations(Composite Tooth Fillings)
Composite Resin Fillings

The most common dental treatments are composite resin filling or composite tooth filling to fill the dental cavity. Composite fillings are sometimes called “tooth-colored” or “white” fillings because of their color. Composite resin fillings are reinforced with a type of plastic (acrylic resin) powder glass. The color (shade) of composite resins can be customized to closely match the surrounding teeth.

At dental clinic in punawale, tooth decay treatments can be completed in one sitting. We teach our patients the importance of good dental care for long lasting teeth care. Treatment of dental cavities should not be delayed as this can lead to pain and discomfort and eventually root canal or tooth extraction. Our dentists in hinjewadi, teach our patients the importance of timely treatment of dental cavities.

The advantages of mixed resin filling include:

  • Composite fillings blend into the surrounding teeth and can be completely invisible.
  • Composite fillings create strong bonds with natural teeth and therefore the placement of healthy teeth for placement requires minimal removal.
  • They can be used for repair
  • The gap between the front teeth (midline dysthema).
  • Chopped, broken teeth.
  • Minimize the size of the teeth.