Full Body Massage Therapy

Abhyangam(body massage) is quite possibly the most significant dincharyas (every day routine) referenced in the Ayurveda for accomplishing great wellbeing and life span.

Ayurveda massage incorporates a full body massage done utilizing natural oils that have a few medical advantages.

It is accepted to prevent ageing, lessen weakness and furthermore reduce the impacts of exasperated Vatadosha.

It is one of the purvakarma alongside Swedan(Steam Therapy) in numerous PanchakarmTretaments

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Full body massage can be acted in a few traditional positions.The number of strokes utilized and measure of pressing factor applied during body massage differs dependent on person’s necessities and Prakruti.

The natural oil utilized for it is redone according to the patients Prakruti and introducing conditions. Ayurvedic Massage can be proceeded as an independent treatment or as an antecedent to other treatment routine; it very well may be performed by a solitary specialist or by two advisors working in synchronization.

Types Of body massage

Ayurvedic Massage utilizes synchronized movements stimulate sensitive spots to expand blood flow, in this way channelizing early disposal of toxins from the body. The herbs in the cured oils revive the tissue and assume a fundamental part in disposal of toxins and bring a sensation of prosperity. The lukewarm home grown oil utilized in Ayurvedic Massage animates sensitive spots along these lines improving fringe blood dissemination, the particular long streaming strokes improve the lymphatic stream and advance early disposal of toxins from the body.

Advantages Of Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage gives physical, mental and enthusiastic advantages. It improves generally prosperity and advances life span. View the advantages of Ayurvedic rub in the rundown given beneath.

Which Health Conditions Can Be Managed with Regular Ayurvedic Full body Massage?

Ayurvedic full body massage or Abhyangam gives comfort from different conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo-joint inflammation, Paralysis, Sciatica, Back torment, Cervical spondolysis, and so forth. It is additionally known to be valuable in administration of psychological circumstances like uneasiness, sorrow and a sleeping disorder. An everyday full body massage goes about as an incredible recharger and rejuvenator of brain and body.